Conscious Parenting Lecture 3: The Case Against Teaching

Conscious Parenting Lecture 3: The Case Against Teaching


Listen to this 2 hours teleclass recording.

Conscious Parenting Lecture 3: The Case Against Teaching

In a world that is trying to turn your child into everybody else through teaching and indoctrination, in this 2-hour lecture Naomi turns the common fixated beliefs upside down so we can discover how children learn. We will explore how to open doors of knowledge and skill for a child without undermining her natural direction and her innovative methods of discovery. Learning to read without teaching. Inventing math when self-directed. How to nurture musical talent without undermining the child’s natural gifts. Cultivating the child’s natural strive for excellence. Freedom, not license.

  • 1. Introduction – The problem of teaching
  • 2. Learning happens best self-directed
  • 3. Striving for excellence
  • 4. Question: How to find good teachers
  • 5. Question: Distinguishing over-teaching from guidance
  • 6. Question: Teaching to read at very young ages
  • 7. Question: Correcting speech?
  • 8. Question: When a child is frustrated with striving for excellence
  • 9. Unschooling vs. Freedom
  • 10. Question: How exactly to respect a child’s freedom
  • 11. Question: How much media to allow children
  • 12. Question: When a child appears to thrive on media
  • 13. Question: Eating healthy
  • 14. Question: When children want too much
  • 15. Question: Husband got an iPad
  • 16. Question: How long to not allow sugar?
  • 17. Question: Recommendations for healthy goodies
  • 18. Question: How to enter a competition without ego
  • 19. Question: What to do with a child eating snot
  • 20. Question: When a stranger gives your child sugar
  • 21. Question: Creating excellence in children in areas unfamiliar to you
  • 22. Comments of support for restricting sugar
  • 23. Question: When a child asks why he felt what he felt

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