COVID-19: How To Have A Strong Immune System:

By Naomi Aldort 

Author, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

The following is my educated opinion on our immune system; not medical advice: 

In 1846, Dr. Semmelweis discovered hygiene and recommended hand washing in the hospital he was working at. He was fired from his job and eventually put in a mental hospital where he died in agony, knowing all too well that lives were wasted on this denial. Now we preach his life saving discovery. 

I invite us all to learn and consider some unendorsed information that could preserve health and lives:

1) Sugar and glucose forming foods destroy our immune system. This has been medically proven in the 70s, and diligently suppressed by the sugar and related industries ever since. Right after consuming such foods, There is a decrease of the immune activity by about 75%. This is how children get colds at birthday parties so often. Likely culprit: Sugar, simple carbs, baking goods, pasta, chips, soft drinks, processed foods, too much grains/legumes, and even too much fruit.

2) For a strong immune system eat whole, organic, unprocessed nutritionally dense foods free of toxins, free of sugars, heated vegetable oils, chemicals, colors, additives, alcohol etc. When the body has to clean up toxins, it takes away from its ability to heal or resist and fight viruses. And, the toxins do direct harm to organs and to the functioning of the immune system.

3) Glyphosate harms the lungs and the immune system, creating more severe illness from COVID-19. For strong immune system and healthy lungs, eat only ORGANIC. Glyphosate is in pesticides, and washing does not get rid of it. According to MIT senior research scientist, Stephanie Seneff, people who consume non organic food suffer from more severe symptoms of COVID-19 due to constant harm to their lungs and to their immune system from Glyphosate. This is the time to switch to eating only organic for your sake, and, by the way, also to stop destroying the planet and the future of human foods.

4) The medical system is mostly defying the benefits of supplements and herbs in prevention and healing of viral infections. But what if they are wrong (as were the doctors who fired Dr. Semmelweis?) People who eat well and use natural supplements, report staying well and recovering fast from colds and flu if they (rarely) get sick. Some important supplements: Vitamin C, A, D, and Zinc, Turmeric, Frankensense essential oil, and more. If interested, you can research online and read credible research that is not connected to profit.

5) Spend daily time in the fresh air and exercise.

6) Get enough sound sleep.

7) Our body’s ability to heat itself is directly related to its immune system. When healthy, give your body and your child’s body a chance to create heat by not over indulging in temperature comfort and not over dressing your children. Some people take cold showers to strengthen the immune system and research have proven them right. When a child does not feel a need for a coat or shoes; she is right. Trust her and let her body activate heat making and with it the immune system. Humans used to be able to live in a wide ranger of temperature. Consider letting your children build such natural ability. 

8) Wash clothes after you go in public and keep the other hygiene guidance that is well publicized.

Here are just a few resources, details on the sugar connection, and my personal story. Be reminded that the sugar and junk food industries have covered up this information since its discovery in the 70s. 

Did you know that organically grown plants are much more resistant to bugs and attacks? organic gardening includes allowing pests to consume a certain (or uncertain) part of one’s crop for their ongoing existence in the diversity of nature. This is how they become resilient, have a strong “immune system” which repels many bugs. Resilience comes from engaging with nature, not running away from it.

In parenting, I teach to raise children who don’t run away from the storm but learn to dance in the rain. I am not suggesting to dance with the virus, but to become someone the virus doesn’t wish to dance with.

In my work I often find myself looking for healing solutions and strategies for raising healthy children. I have read over the last 40 years, about 30-40 medical and health books, studies, and research done by physicians, scientists, nutritionists, and naturopaths.

In his book, The Common Cold and Common Sense (1971), Dale Alexander presents research and experiments that prove the devastating affect of sugar on the immune system, rendering it almost non existent for a few hours, and damaging long term. Although his book is about colds, everything he says applies to any virus.

At the Common Cold Research Unit in Salisbury, England, Sir Christopher Andrews, and, Dr. David A.J. Tyrrell, discovered that sugar destroys the protective mucous membrane in the throat. In its absence one is extremely vulnerable to catching a bug. More recently, Dr. Billiot explains how Glucose in the bloodstream replaces vitamin C because of similar chemical structure, thereby getting in the way of immunity. There is much more if you dare to read and search for unbiased and not for profit information.

Social distance and hygiene are obviously helpful, but as important, yet not talked about, is strengthening your immune system. 

Naomi Aldort

© Copyright Naomi Aldort March/2020