Conscious Parenting Lecture 2: The Price of Praise

Conscious Parenting Lecture 2: The Price of Praise


Listen to this 2 hours teleclass recording.

Conscious Parenting Lecture 2: The Price of Praise

In this 2-hour session, Naomi Aldort debunks the benefits of praise, reveals its harmful effects, and finds other tools for giving feedback, emotional support, and unconditional trust and appreciation. Learn how to nurture the child’s endeavors without controlling her direction. How praise destroys self-esteem, motivation, self-trust, parent-child relationship, and confidence. How to encourage without undermining the child’s self-direction. Expressing appreciation unconditionally. What is insecurity and how to build self-confidence instead? Achievement and learning without praise.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Why praise doesn’t get us what we want
  • 3. Question: If an older child wants to try drinking or smoking
  • 4. Why praise doesn’t get us what we want (cont.)
  • 5. Question: The relationship between sports and praise
  • 6. Summing up the harm of praise
  • 7. What to do instead of praise
  • 8. Question: Interacting with a toilet-training child
  • 9. Question: How to respond to a child who’s very excited about what they did
  • 10. Question: What about when we are genuinely excited?
  • 11. Example from participant – What happens when you praise
  • 12. Comment from participant – The business of praise is very modern
  • 13. Question: When teachers praise our children
  • 14. Question: Does praising adults set a bad example for children?
  • 15. Question: When a child asks “do you like it?”
  • 16. Points on praise
  • 17. Question: Is it praise to tell children that they were “helpful”?
  • 18. Question: How to interact with a child who’s drawing something
  • 19. Making sure children feel valued
  • 20. Question: How to deal with an older child hitting a younger child
  • 21. Question: What impact does praise from others have on our children?
  • 22. Question: Changing parenting methods with your children
  • 23. Question: When children want feedback
  • 24. Comment from participant – How to best coach children
  • 25. Question: When a child says “I can’t play like my mother” about piano
  • 26. Question: When a child asks for help

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