Family Health Revolution; a new book by Carla Atherton

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Dear parent,

Humans used to be just like other animals – basically free of disease, free of mental issues, healthy eyes, deep sleep, healthy teeth, skin, energy…; humans are made to be strong, resilient and happy. 

A new book by my colleague Carla Atherton has an urgent message for parents/families about going back to health; I wish all of you would read it as well as give to others.

Some of you may remember Carla Atherton, Director of the Healthy Family Formula, who interviewed me a couple of times, a while ago. Well, she has written a book for which I wrote a strong endorsement and about which I am writing today with all my heart. 

Its not about helping Carla with sales but about your and your children’s lasting health.

Carla’s book is as urgent as other pressing existential issues of our time, only it is at the root of them all including the root of surviving viruses like Covid. The question is: Do we raise people who are weak and dependent on medical interventions, or humans who thrive in health as nature designed?

Humanity’s state of ill health at this time is unprecedented and unnatural. Young are born into a reality where they don’t even know that we are born to thrive and be well, see well, have good teeth, posture, sleep well, learn well, feel happy, and stay healthy and strong. We raise children in a world full of medical issues.

Its a new normal but not natural and not a norm to get used to. Schools and most parents teach reading, grammar and math, and not how to take care of one’s body so it thrives and allows for physical and emotional resilience. A resilient person can handle and even benefit from most pathogens that nature presents and becomes stronger in the process. Humans used to be just like other animals – basically free of disease. 

Humans created diseases without realizing it and with best of intentions. Today’s children get sick too often and too many have chronic medical issues. 

The medical system generates and feeds a dependency on temporary and toxic fixes rather than on healing and preventing the cause. Offering pills, procedures, ‘magic’ vaccines, and other delusional escapes and cover ups, create fear, weakness and lack of awareness to the actual cause. As an analogy: Its not about getting rid of the mice, but about cleaning up the garbage that attracts them in the first place.

Today, I see young parents living life like it is a medical undertaking (or sometimes a nightmare). Every little body expression of imbalance, becomes a search for a pill, a run to the doctor or even to the ER. 

Many children suffer from medical issues that belong in old age at best and hardly existed at all when I was a kid. These are not natural but an evolution of bodies in an unhealthy environment and with unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. The helpless thought that it is heredity is part of the medical attitude that ‘nurtures’ passivity and dependency on external treatment. Heredity does not mean genetic. We can create diseases with lifestyle, that pass on to the next generation. They are not nature’s creation, but a natural response to how we live and eat.

Carla’s book, “Family Health Revolution” (which I have personally endorsed) tells the truth on much that is distorted and misleading. It gives families the tools to return to vibrant health, and to raising children who learn to take care of themselves in the way nature provides and be healthy till old age.

I love Carla’s courage to expose reality and provide real information on how to live with a resilient body that isn’t afraid of microbes and nature, but can dance with life and stay well.

If you are sure that you don’t need this book because you already eat and feed your family organic food and avoid EMFs, chlorine and fluoride in the water etc…, rest assure, there is a LOT more to learn. It is what we don’t even know that we don’t know, that we must wake up to. 

How many animals in the wild are born blind or develop diabetes?

They may not live long because of fall of cliffs, other animals, fires, lightening etc. But today even house pets are sick, have seizures, gain weight and even have mental diseases. 

Yes, some medical issues are already here and need care; this is not a denial of any particular real issue. It is about the possibility to maximize well being powerfully whatever that means to you and your loved ones.

If you want to raise children who don’t take a toxic pill for every discomfort; run to the doctor or ER for a sneeze, a skin rash, or develop chronic health issues or infertility as young adults – start learning now and this is the book that will open your eyes and launch your family into real health resilience.

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