I am pro-life: (What?? Read on)

mom and baby

By Naomi Aldort

I would ban wars and the making of armies and weapons.
I would use the money saved from #1 to abolish child’s poverty and support parenting fully.
I would ban toxic foods, toxic pharmaceuticals and guns.
I would clean the water and air so life becomes sustainable for all.
I would invest in communication for peace and resolving global issues cooperatively.
All these is pro life and is possible; we need to invest in peace and life. Being Pro-life is not about controlling women in the face of life not worth living due to poverty resulting from greed and inequality.

If the state decides for the woman to keep a pregnancy; it follows that the state should pay to provide a high standard healthy birth, and pay for the highest quality of raising, housing, feeding and educating that child, thereby providing a life worth living for both the child and the mother and hopefully the father.

No, this is not my solution (read on); it is a way of pointing to the absurdity of government control over women… which comes from the ego, control, righteousness and lack of real care for the life. In reality, what we need is a government that is not involved in personal choices, but is pro-life by ensuring living conditions for all: A government that invests in the people, such that life, education, wellbeing and self-esteem of both men and women, necessarily reduce the number unwanted pregnancies: Young people who grow up feeling good about themselves, connected and thriving, are very unlikely to rape or surrender to coercive sex. And, yes there will still be unplanned pregnancies. We need a system that supports those who get pregnant unintentionally, to choose freely from viable options.

Instead of bullying poor women (those who can will go to another state to abort) into raising children they cannot afford to raise, and have these poor kids suffer and grow potentially into someone who could take someone’s life (when drunk or mentally ill), we need a government that is really pro-life; the life of the women and the children; A government that invests in maternity leave for both mothers and fathers and in safe maternity and abortion facilities.

To be pro-life, a government must invests in peace, in clean air, water, healthy food and free education instead of investing in the military and marching young people into killing fields.

Pretending to be “pro-life” by controlling women whose poverty and impossible life conditions have been the result of inequality rooted in greed – is not being pro-life, but an ego centered pro-power.

I invite us all to be pro-life and pro living in freedom for all, not just the few.

© Copyright Naomi Aldort 2019