Family Breakthrough Retreat For Parents And Children Of All Ages

Enjoy beautiful Orcas Island while healing and empowering your whole family.

“The family retreat was the best money I have ever spent on my children.
The 5 intensive, emotional, joyous and liberating days gave me back my kids! and I will forever be grateful for you!!!”

Olivia LeBeron

A family healing retreat is an opportunity to put your hands on the inside of your family dynamics and build authentic relationships with your children. The retreat is an intense, emotional, and transforming experience.


In Naomi’s home, sleeping in a guest apartment.

How long?

One to five days.*

What will you have to give up?

Your old emotional baggage that gets in the way of enjoying your loved ones.

How do you qualify?

Take at least three Zoom/Skype sessions with Naomi prior to the retreat.


In my home on Orcas Island:

The retreat price includes two meals a day up to family of 4. More kids $200-300 added depending on age:

The full five days intensive retreat – $13,000.

Fewer or additional days: $3,000 per day.

In your home:

Five days out of WA state: Estimated $18,000 plus travel costs.

Please inquire for details, as it varies with the distance. Contact Naomi

The price for a single in person private session is $500 per hour.

What will you be doing on your family retreat?

  • You will be spending most of the day doing sessions individually, with your partner, and with your children; covering personal, marital, and parenting issues at their roots.
  • You will be hiking, sitting outside, boating or dining, with Naomi as your life guide.
  • You will have some time by yourself with your family to absorb and apply your new ways of being.
  • You will watch Naomi interacting with your child/ren and introducing self-directed music games at the piano.
  • You will be instructed, hands-on, in ways to be with your child/ren and in playing power games effectively.
  • You will ask Naomi questions about parenting, marriage, relationship, food, health, education, etc.
  • You will tour the beautiful island and enjoy its scenic and water activities, hiking and playing on the beach with your life guide in tow.

The family healing retreat is the fastest way to make a lasting impact on your happiness as a family and on the development of your child/ren’s emotional resilience, joy, self-esteem, social, spiritual, and intellectual growth.

* If you prefer more or fewer days, a special arrangement can be made directly with Naomi. The price per in-person session is $350 per hour. Contact Naomi

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