Conscious Parenting Conference Lecture 1: Raising Children, Raising Ourselves

Conscious Parenting Conference Lecture 1: Raising Children, Raising Ourselves


Listen to this 1 hour teleclass recording.

Conscious Parenting Conference Lecture 1: Raising Children, Raising Ourselves

Why would a child tantrum, hit, spill, or not listen? Instead of trying to stop or fix the child, learn to recognize the valid reason for the behavior, so you can remove the cause. Then you will live with a child who behaves well, not because she fears you, but because she wants to, of her own free will. The talk Includes questions and answers and working with parents’ specific issues, demonstrating how to transform tough situations from struggle to ease, peace, and deep connection. How to become loving when you feel irritated, tired, or angry. Finding the cause of your child’s behavior, and removing it. How to relinquish guilt about mistakes we make. Discover your innate parenting wisdom. Learn to question your convictions to enable a deep connection.

  • 1. Introduction – We don’t put children to bed
  • 2. Question: When you have to work late at night
  • 3. Question: Only opportunity for alone time with the spouse is when the child is asleep
  • 4. Question: When a child doesn’t know that he/she is hungry
  • 5. Question: Is it okay to read to a child to help them go to sleep? And general sleeping issues.
  • 6. Question: When children move around a lot during the night.
  • 7. Question: Children having a second wind; “overtired.”
  • 8. Comment: Children, diet, and sleep, followed by general comments about diet
  • 9. Question: When a child’s sleep pattern is out of sync with the parents
  • 10. Question: When the family is disgusted by the way you do things (featuring a mock conversation)
  • 11. Question about the Steiner schools

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