We and our children are bombarded with daily

I do not mean to inject more parental anxiety into an already toxic world, so please use this information with common sense and acceptance of reality as needed. It is information you may have had no time to check that could help you make some choices for your family to reduce your and your children’s exposure.

If you live in the city, you may have to make peace with a lot more exposure than in a country living. Still, knowing these details may be helpful in making future choices about the location of a house, cell phone use, buying a car, computers, etc. A computer, for example, can be far enough from a child or person, to have zero radiation. And the laptop need not sit on the lap.

Many parents and people, in general, don’t see the point in controlling the amount of radiation in their homes, cars, and phones. They say that we are living in radiation anyway, from cell towers, radios, TV, trains, flights, etc… and it is all over. Indeed, being at peace is crucial, what cannot be changed is best accepted while creating health and immunity with lifestyle and food. But let’s not be passive where change or choices are possible.

The strength of direct closeup radiation, as in a car, is not comparable to the lower levels that are “all over the place.” Likewise, children do not spend daily time in airplanes, trains, or medical x rays machines. (And most adults have a choice over those too.) Therefore, I believe that precisely BECAUSE our children are already exposed to so much radiation and pollution, it may be a good idea to monitor how much we add to it, that is in direct contact and therefore much stronger radiation.

Cars: When I buy a car, I look for one without GPS, without screens, without heated seats, and all the other electronic bells and whistles. Why? Because it all amounts to very high and locally focused radiation. The wifi of a moving car that uses GPS has doubled the already incredibly high radiation of GPS, due to the fast motion of the car and the computer having to find you constantly. It is extremely high and not comparable to anything we get daily. The whole car is an antenna.

The good news: finding your way with a real map is good for your brain and great learning for your children, and, often means fewer mistakes, and, no radiation.

Anecdotal proof of harm is plentiful, but it is not yet clear if and how harmful it actually is. So again, it’s a choice about how much to take risks with the yet unknown. For those of you who would rather play it safer until it is discovered down the lane of time if it is safe, these bits of information may be useful. The EMF in cars is not a problem until they are “fully loaded.” Basic radio, heat, AC, etc, do not cause too much radiation in the front and usually non in the back. There are plenty of modern cars that are radiation safe. If you have a “loaded” car no need to panic, only start considering if you wish to make changes in the future. Also, the more we start asking for cars without radiation, the more likely the manufacturers will listen.

Copyright Naomi Aldort.