Paid parents, not substitutes

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If men stayed at home to be parents (regularly, not as individual exceptions) they would be paid well. We don’t need free daycare, but highly paid parents; paid for doing the most important job on earth. Creating an economy in which one job is sufficient to support a family is a better direction than finding ways to get more people to work and harming the children.   

         What is needed and best for the young child is to be with their parents in the early years. And, for or the mother, to get to be a mother and meet her child’s primal needs optimally, including breastfeeding, holding and bonding. Talking about the price of substitute to parents is supporting the inequality of women as women and the atrocity of day time orphanages that harms the development of human beings.                                                                                      

        This is about gender and age inequalities; a discriminating against the child in the name of profit; generating more working people for the industry and depriving babies and young children of their parents. Women and men must unite on this issue and eradicate substitutes to what babies and young children’s real needs.

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