Raising Competent Children Through Attachment Parenting

Raising Competent Children Through Attachment Parenting


Available on CD – 4 CD set.

Raising Competent Children Through Attachment Parenting

This remarkable 4 CD set covers absolutely everything about attachement parenting. Naomi Aldort answers dozens of universal questions, with wisdom and clarity.

Topics include:

  • Crying and tantrums
  • When your child hurts the baby
  • Bringing peace to children’s bedtime and sleep
  • The cause and cure for biting and hitting
  • How to raise an emotionally healthy child
  • What to do when a toddler throws a tantrum
  • Nurturing your child’s strive for independence
  • The secret to what causes children to listen to you
  • How to empower a child when things don’t go his way
  • How to raise a child so s/he won’t fall for peer pressure
  • The importance of prompt responsiveness to your baby’s crying
  • How to raise a self-disciplined and well behaved child, without punishment, scolding, praise or threats.


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