Fostering Resilience in Our Children

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Naomi Aldort, parenting coach, author and world renowned speaker, can help you raise resilient children who grow to be confident adults, rooted in themselves and not dependent on the approval of others.

Increasingly, our kids are being taught to not offend, to be inclusive and to be triggered in many scenarios. Do we really think this is doing them a favour?

The truth is, the real world can be an offensive place. We can never all be in agreement, and there will always be hard times to face. Would it not be more helpful to teach our kids how to go through hard times and to not depend on what others think of them or how they talk to them?

Life can be pretty tough when one takes everything personally. I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend much time around people who seem to require me to walk on egg shells. If I can’t have a real conversation and risk disagreement, then I’m not very interested in pursuing that relationship.

This is where Naomi shines… in coaching parents how to raise children who are confident in their own skin and who feel right in the world, even if those around them might not be approving of them.

It’s time to focus on building resilience rather than fostering weakness!

In this interview, Naomi shares with us:

  • Why the topic of teaching resilience is so top of mind for her
  • What Naomi sees as a result of young adults not being able to handle criticism and challenges
  • The issue of getting accolades with no merit
  • The pendulum swing in parenting as a result of parents wanting to give their children a better experience than they had
  • How our programming started when we were babies
  • How children are being taught to not be able to handle real life
  • Naomi’s approach to teaching children how to handle offensive comments
  • Sensitivity vs. fear for self image
  • How by cheerleading for our children we create fragile individuals
  • How we condition children to seek approval and to be victims
  • The game Naomi created to help people accept being called names
  • Why focusing on emotions too much is not a good thing
  • How we are unconsciously teaching our kids not to be able to handle rejection
  • The importance of boredom and daydreaming
  • The importance of allowing our kids to experience some discomfort and challenges
  • Naomi’s view of bullies and bullying
  • The importance of teaching kids that they can and will recover from their pain
  • The importance of self-expression and not suppressing feelings
  • How self-expression is not a means to an end
  • How self-censorship encourages bullying
  • Naomi’s view of how being defensive is an act of war
  • How we raise children to be addicted to comfort
  • The importance of raising kids who can can handle real life, real people and criticism
  • How to empower them to face life and not rescue them
  • and more!

This is a super important and relevant topic always, but specifically in the time we live currently. Resilience used to be a trait we nurtured, but somehow we have allowed it to be swapped out for encouraging our kids to be easily offended, thereby cultivating a weak disposition.

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