Future of Parenting; Raising Resilient Children Babies through Adults

Parenting with Naomi Aldort: Future of Parenting; Raising Resilient Children Babies through Adults

From education to bedtime, car rides, why not to praise, and much more:

  • Naomi’as path towards her parenting work
  • From a piano teacher to helping children emotionally
  • How children choose hobbies and learning skills
  • The self-directed child
  • Timing in developing talent
  • Naomi’s musical children’s beginning
  • How to protect the child’s autonomous choice
  • The child’s self-discipline about practice
  • A child who wishes to quit lessons of any skill

Are parents servants?

  • Why you should work on yourself rather than teach
  • your child to ajust to your emotional limitations
  • Peaceful home comes from respecting children

Who leads the child’s direction for peaceful home?

  • But my child will do nothing if not managed
  • The case against coersion
  • If your child lost self-direction, teens specially
  • Learning can only occur in freedom
  • Why to avoid praise and rewards
  • Manipulation harms a child’s behavior

More in this interview:

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Car rides, having to go on time

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Good behavior not for getting approval

Restaurant and theater with children

Setup rather than control


The cause of anxiety in children and teenagers

On being imperfect parent

Why you should work on yourself

Giving yourself a second change when you do it wrong


Naomi’s magic words to your child in tough moments

When you are angry

When your child triggers you

Parent care


Child rooted in herself

Nurture the child’s independence

Naomi provides guidance on all parenting and family issues, babies through teens

Attachment Parenting • Toddlers • Children’s Behavior • When Babies Cry • Breastfeeding • Home-Schooling • Child’s Aggression • Teenagers • Child’s Sleep • Bed-time • Parenting without scolding or yelling • Cooperation without bribes or threats • Cooperation without time-out or punishment • Tantrums • Siblings Rivalry • Your Child’s Talents • Healing a Child’s Trauma • Child’s Speech • Parent’s needs • Marriage • Unsupportive relatives • Your in-laws • and much more.