Education for Emotional Resilience – 2021 Aero Conference
Education for Emotional Resilience – 2021 Aero Conference

Topics Covered:

– Not academics but life skills for children – Avoiding the rat race indoctrination – The problem with tests and grades – The harm of expectations

– Teaching Emotional freedom – Raising children who are not easily triggered – The sensitive child – Education for self-awareness – Tolerance for discomfort – Dealing with intense emotions – The value of failing – Relationship skills – The power of not needing approval – Education for Self-reliance (not the parent or teacher reliance… or media…) – Anxiety in school – Communication skills – Avoiding blame and defense – Preventing and healing anxiety and depression – Responding to emotional hurts in children – Not being victims – Not being needy – Not fitting in or needing approval – Enabling inner peace – Creating loving connections – creating joy – Raising Powerful People – Bossing kids disempowers them – The Price of Praise (grades, prizes) – Motivation from within – The child’s authentic passions – Teach healthy eating and lifestyle – Connecting to Nature – Difficulties and sufferings – Death, Birth, & in between – Self-reliance: How we quench it and how to nurture it.

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