Too many young women today use the pill light-heartedly. I personally never thought we can fool nature without a cost down the line (same as vaccines and fabricated foods.) In addition to messing up the thyroid (which runs the whole body’s hormonal functioning and more), it destroys the intestinal flora, leading to issues with the not yet born child as well as the woman’s health. Not feeling the side effect right away, does not mean there is no long-term harm. Here is some useful information and you can search for more on your own:

The pill should also be part of the “me too” conversation as, like most contraceptions, the burden is on the woman. The price is paid by both the woman and her children who become people.

Many women today have candida or yeast infection, and babies end up with yeast and eczema, all resulting from the pill’s destruction of the woman’s gut flora.

When bacterial balance in the intestine is caused by artificial factors, it is very hard to treat. The imbalance of bacteria causes malabsorption and therefore nutritional deficiencies of many minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and especially the all-mighty Zinc which is linked to reduced IQ and to birth defects. Iron deficiency is also common (the above toxins consume iron) resulting in anemia. Anemia often results in low birth weight, premature birth, and sometimes long-term developmental issues. It seems hard to combat anemia with supplements while pregnant; what is really needed is to recreate the healthy flora.

Unfortunately, most long-term health problems that are caused by the pill, (as with bad diet or vaccines) are never traced back to their causes, therefore the lack of “proof.” Searching the internet brings up these facts, and side by side the mainstream repeated assurance that says they are safe. Make your own search and choices.

In addition to deficiencies, the wrong bacteria discharge toxic substances into the woman’s body, which, unfortunately, circulate in the mother’s blood – can enter the placenta and the baby.

The fetus can therefore be exposed to toxins even if the woman eats the cleanest diet and lives in the fresh air.

As you can see, if you took the pill, you can eat the best food and take great supplements while pregnant, but with malabsorption, you may still be nutritionally deficient.

Babies of mothers with compromised intestinal flora do not get a healthy dose of new bacteria when going through the birth canal because the birth canal will have the same deficiencies and imbalance. (C-section, therefore, causes a similar problem if the newborn is not introduced to any bacteria.) These babies, therefore, tend to have problems with their own intestines, leading to yeast (perhaps colic), eczema, and sometimes lifelong autoimmune difficulties (diabetics, eczema, asthma, allergies, crone/colitis, and possibly even autism and learning disabilities.)

If you have taken the pill for a few years do not despair, only be proactive on detoxifying before getting pregnant. If this is too late, at least you can understand the possible source of some issues in your baby or child and know that correcting the flora and detoxifying can heal. 
 Sadly, physicians are not aware of these factors since they are only taught the side effects that are observable immediately.

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