When Your Child is Bored

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I have often pointed out that boredom is good for your child; a great learning tool. It forces the child (and adult) to be in the now and generate presence which is always exciting and expanding. It is what propels true learning, self-awareness and inner connection.

What I have not focussed on is the reason a child would even see herself or himself as “bored.” What does this concept mean? Without being taught such a concept, it would not occur to a human mind to be “bored.”

“Bored” implies something missing. What is that something? What is missing?

Only a mind that assumes that something outside of the experience of “being” has to happen, will conceive of anything ever missing in the moment.

A mind can only learn from a human made concept that one must be constantly busy and stimulated or entertained. Only a mind addicted to such over stimulation would see itself as “missing” something when being with no external engagement. In other words, we are teaching children today to be addicted to distraction from the here and now. We teach the child to “need” the next “dose” of “something” to stimulate her/him.

To undo some of this trend, find times for yourself and your child to enjoy being in the moment with nothing to distract the nature of being. When your child says “I am bored,” respond with, “Good. Enjoy.” Depending on the child’s age you can add things like, “Enjoy being quiet with yourself.” Or, “Yes, that is a wonderful chance to just notice things… feel your breath, your heart beat… marvel nature…” etc.

My children and I used to (and still do) stand without uttering a sound in the dark of the night in the forest and “listen” to the silence… feeling presence… hearing the heart beat, breath, wind, oneness.

Be a model of not rushing to fill your time with activities, computer, even reading and talking. Demonstrate the value of stillness, being present, and of not seeking distraction from who we are. Include family meditation, or a silent walk in nature, in your daily living. Model valuing presence, stillness and a space of nothingness which allows our true being to shine in the moment.

©Copyright Naomi Aldort