Naomi Aldort, Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves interviewed about raising aware, caring and resilient children:

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In this parenting interview:

  • How to nurture children, from babies, toddlers, children, and teens to aware human beings; from tantrums and sibling rivalry to conscious and caring people.
  • With the best of intentions we, parents, often numb our children’s spiritual and emotional connection to themselves.
  • Example: A story from a family learning to move away from what mom perceived as kindness toward her child, (and learning about the harm in her choice), to impart emotional resilience and inner peace.
  • How children learn to deal with rejection without feeling victimized.
  • Bedtime without struggle.
  • Why always giving what they want is not LOVE.
  • How praise and rewards lead to anxious adults.
  • What is true confidence and how to nurture it from babies through teens?
  • Homeschooling
  • Autonomy
  • The problem with the competitive approach and the rush to raise “successful” children.
  • How to raise children who learn to be conscious and aware of others:
    Why does thinking that you know, get in the way of your own unfolding?
    Why the greatest gift you can give to your child is working on yourself while being imperfect.
    Empowering children in the face of name-calling, demeaning, and other life-challenging experiences.
    Raising children to be at peace with themselves and with the world.

Naomi Aldort Interview