Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Advanced Course

Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Advanced Course


A Parenting Workshop with Naomi Aldort – 25 Parts Video Series.

Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Advanced Course

What’s Covered in this series?

  • 01 – Brief Introduction
  • 02 – Fears That Limit Freedom With Your Child
  • 03 – Clearing the Mind from Obstructing Thoughts to Find and Heal the Cause of Unwanted Behaviors
  • 04 – Exercise: How Do You Know What You Know – A Way to Understand What Is Really Causing (…)
  • 05 – How to Relate to Critical Relatives While Staying Free to Parent the Way You Do
  • 06 – Sibling Rivalry without Taking Sides, Power Games, and the Price of Praise
  • 07 – The Harm of Grouping by Age and the Benefits of Mixing All Ages in Living and Education
  • 08 – Becoming Free From One’s Own Reaction in Order to Understand the Child’s Behavior
  • 09 – Exercise: Your Life Story that Hinders Your Emotional Freedom
  • 10 – Sharing and Feedback about ‘Your Story’ Exercise
  • 11 – Attachment Parenting; Adjusting Misconceptions
  • 12 – More on Sibling Rivalry
  • 13 – Healing Games: Accept the Offer and Other Games
  • 14 – Raising Children to Be Molestation Proofed
  • 15 – More Examples of Power Games
  • 16 – Mock Dialogue: The Critical Relatives
  • 17 – How and Why to Avoid Being Defensive
  • 18 – Participants’ Questions About Previous Topics
  • 19 – Freeing Yourself from Stressful and Unhelpful Thoughts and Feelings 20 – Being at Peace With the Way It Is
  • 21 – Children and New Technologies
  • 22 – Nurturing Cooperation Such That the Child Responds In Unsafe Situations Peacefully and Quickly
  • 23 – Understand Healing Games so You Can Make Up Your Own
  • 24 – How to Cope With Different Parenting Attitudes in Society
  • 25 – Keep the Children Connected to Themselves for Confidence and Joy

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