Naomi Aldort, Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves interviewed about preparing children for college:

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In this parenting interview:

  • Preparing kids to be engaged joyfully with life in the college years and beyond
  • How can parents support their kids in this journey to figuring out life after high school?
  • Whose education? Who decides?
  • Why parents should get out of the way and provide support and trust.
  • Let the young person feel free to choose.
    Goal: Not looking good on the outside, but feeling good on the inside
    Goal: Happiness
  • Colleges are eager for applicants who are motivated and self-directed and know who they are and why they want to go to college.
  • Why what matter is what brings the teen/child joy and satisfaction.
  • Finding their talent, passions, and creativity.
  • Other learning ways do not involve universities, and are just as valued.
  • Anxiety and depression on the way to college and in college.
  • Suicide: Best students.
  • Competitiveness does harm and prevents authentic choices
  • Grades do harm.
  • Praise harm.
  • Prizes harm.
  • Success with passion.
  • The competitive model is of the ego and creates stress and dissatisfaction or anxiety and depression
  • SEEKING external APPROVAL thwarts authentic learning and living. Confidence and joy come from NOT needing approval. What is your definition of success?
    Internal joy and satisfaction
    Contribute or impress, what is success? The real goal in education and how to achieve it without control.
    Ego versus self. What brings happiness?