In this video:
A portion of a public speaking event in Canada around 2003, including a parent question, in which Aldort covers the following:

  • A child who hits the parent
  • Children being out of control
  • Respecing a child doesn’t meant permissiveness
  • Being a clear parent
  • Child cooperate of their own free will
  • No fear base but kindness
  • How to be a leader as a parent
  • Kind and clear
  • Raising peaceful children
  • Tantrums: self-expression
  • Children who don’t tantrum
  • Going with and not against the child’s experience
  • Parent question about children dealing with challenges
  • Being authentic as a parent
  • Not making life perfect for the child
  • Going to a restaurant with children
  • Life doesn’t always goes the child’s way

As a Parent, You are the Leader

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