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$14.00 each

Peaceful Parenting: KGMI Radio Interview with Naomi Aldort

In this in-depth radio phone interview, Aldort reveals how to raise children so they behave well of their own free will and not as a result of coercion or control. She also answers questions about her book, Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves, and addresses unschooling.

$43.00 each

Raising Competent Children Through Attachment Parenting: An Interview with Naomi Aldort

This remarkable 4 CD set covers absolutely everything about attachement parenting. Naomi Aldort answers dozens of universal questions, with wisdom and clarity. 

Topics include:

  • Crying and tantrums
  • When your child hurts the baby
  • Bringing peace to children’s bedtime and sleep
  • The cause and cure for biting and hitting
  • How to raise an emotionally healthy child,
  • What to do when a toddler throws a tantrum,
  • Nurturing your child’s strive for independence,
  • The secret to what causes children to listen to you,
  • How to empower a child when things don’t go his way,
  • How to raise a child so s/he won’t fall for peer pressure,
  • The importance of prompt responsiveness to your baby’s crying,
  • How to raise a self-disciplined and well behaved child, without punishment, scolding, praise or threats.
$14.00 each

Naomi Aldort: Discussions with parents, March 2008

This CD is a recording of a phone parenting class with Naomi Aldort, recorded in March 2008. Several parents ask questions about their own lives, and receive eye opening answers from Naomi.

Track 1: When children bite and hit
Track 2: When do power games end?
Track 3: My child is so demanding
Track 4: Acknowledging your errors to your child
Track 5: Son gets frustrated when interrupted
Track 6: Better than potty training

$14.00 each

Naomi Aldort: Discussions with parents, January 2008

This CD is a recording of a phone parenting class with Naomi Aldort, recorded in January 2008. Several parents ask questions about their own lives, and receive eye opening answers from Naomi.

Track 1: When a parent wants a break
Track 2: Why to avoid entertaining the children
Track 3: Children Brushing teeth
Track 4: Children name calling each other
Track 5: Empowered in the face of name calling
Track 6: Showing love for son while protecting daughter
Track 7: Homeschooling

$69.00 each

Home Schooling CD Set: Trusting Our Children, Trusting Ourselves

This comprehensive, indispensable 7 CD set contains six keynotes given by Naomi Aldort at the unschooling/homeschooling conference, Rethinking Education in Dallas, Texas. It covers practically all the major parenting and self-directed learning issues in one amazing package.


Please note, this CD set is not the same as the book, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

Disc 1) Rethinking Education: Debunking common assumptions about child development.

Disc 2, CD 1) Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves Part I: Bring peace and unconditional love into your relationship with your children by understanding your own reaction as different from your child's needs.

Disc 2, CD 2) Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves Part II.

Disc 3) Debunking Praise: Find out why you really praise and at what price.

Disc 4) Children's Behavior and Emotions: Includes many questions from audience members, and Aldort's skillful guidance about understanding children so they can be the best of themselves.

Disc 5) Self Directed Learning: Why children learn best when they follow their own path, timetable and direction, and how to support them toward their own fulfillment.

Disc 6) Equality, Respect and Freedom for Children: From chores to bed time and dinner; how to live with children in a way that they care and respond, not out of fear, but out of joy and love, of their own free will.

$30.00 each

Babies and Toddlers: To Tame or To Trust

Recorded in an intimate home environment with a group of attachment parents, this groundbreaking class covers a wide range of parenting issues, such as sleep, crying, nursing, tantrums, and much more.

Naomi's crystal clear insights into seemingly unsolvable situations provide an astonishing and enlightening look into how parents can find peaceful and kind ways to deal with these issues.




$14.00 each

Children's Behavior and Emotions

In this keynote, Naomi Aldort responds with amazing clarity to challenging questions from the audience about children's behaviors; name calling, hitting, boundaries, validation and much more. It was recorded at the BC, Canada homeschool convention in 2007.

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