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When you pay for the class, you will receive an email with the recordings within a day or two.

The video you receive looks public but it is not. Please keep it private.

Nov. 1st, Classical: Children's Justice: Avoiding Bullies and Victims. Empowering children in the face of name calling

Nov. 8th, Workshop: Leadership: Paving the path so the child behaves well of her own free will.

Nov. 15th, Deep: How to empower children to make peace with their own emotions

Nov. 22nd, Classical: Parent's needs: How to respect your child without disrespecting yourself

Nov. 29th Deep: Leading with love and without being a victim of your child

Jan. 10th, Classical: How to allow autonomy without giving the child power over others and how to respond when a child has learned to have power over us

Jan. 24th, Deep: Unschooling

Feb. 7th, Classical: Awakening our unconditional love in tough moments

Feb. 21st, Deep: Marriage, friend and extended family: The application of Naomi's teaching to the adult relationships

March 7th, Classical: Healing games that transform behavior and emotional patterns

March 28th, Deep: Raising Aware People: How to teach values, when to take charge, and how to be present in spite of your old patterns.

Apr. 11th, Classical: Siblings rivalry and how to inspire their deep friendships

Apr. 25th, Deep: Harmony day by day with older children

May 9th, Workshop: Balancing child-centeredness and protection, with freedom and self-direction

May 31st, Classical: Feeding Children Healthfully: Food, birth, teeth, vaccines and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Prices: Individual class: $30, Workshop $60

Discounts: If you sign up for one set of classes (6 plus a workshop, total of 16 hours), you get one class free. If you sign up for both sets (the full year), you get one of the 4 hour workshops free. To do that you will have to pay for the full program at the start. A set can be any combination of 7 classes: 6 regular (2 hours) and one workshop (4 hours.)

How to Get Into the Class: Instructions will come into your email the week before the class.

When you finish paying DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW.
Wait for the instructions window to open.

Nov. 1st, Classical: $30
Nov. 8th, Workshop: $60
Nov. 15th, Deep: $30
Nov. 22nd, Classical: $30
Nov. 29th Deep: $30
Jan. 10th, Classical: $30
Jan. 24th, Deep: $30
Feb. 7th, Classical: $30
Feb. 21st, Deep: $30
March 7th, Classical: $30
March 28th, Deep: $30
Apr. 11th, Classical: $30
Apr. 25th, Deep: $30
May 9th, Workshop: $60
May 31st, Classical: $30
Any Six Sessions + One Workshop: $210
Full Program: $420

Czech Republic Webinar

February 16 - April 20, 2013 (6 sessions)

This current webinar is taking place with parents in the Czech Republic, with translation line simultaneously. It is a six session class, two hours each.

Classes and themes:

January 15 Teleclass

Join Naomi Aldort for this teleclass that will be held on Sunday, January 15, 2012. This class is an introduction to the 3 "Doing the Work on Parenting" classes that start the following weeks (4 total classes). The cost is $20. This class is free of charge when signing up for the full class.

For more information or to listen,
please click here

Authentic Parenting Teleseminar

Join Naomi Aldort for a three session "The Work on Parenting" teleseminar that will be held on the following Sundays: January 22, 29 and February 5, 2012. This class is $70, or $50 for those with credit from November 13. Bring freedom, power, and joy to your daily life with children of all ages (infants through teens.) Take the struggle out of parenting, not by fixing your child, but by inquiring into that which causes you to struggle.

For more information or to listen, please click here

October 16 Teleclass

Listen to this 90-minute teleclass that was held on Sunday, October 16, 2011. The cost of this class is $20.

For more information or to listen, please click here

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Take a class with Naomi Aldort. Bring your friends, extended family or your larger community of parents and educators. It is a wonderful way to pay less and get more, while sharing with other parents. It is also a wonderful way of creating community and finding think-alike friends for yourself and for your children.

All classes require either a minimum of 20 participants, or the equivalent in total price:

Smaller groups are possible at the same relative rate. For example, 10 People will pay $50 each for an hour and a half group session to produce the same minimum fee. If 20 people sign up but only 18 show up and pay, the difference will be divided between participants.

Large events (more than 100 participants) and longer workshops may be qualified for discount per person.

Before inquiring about remote classes please find out:

  1. What kind of class your group wants (one time, weekly, or a workshop.)
  2. How many participants are committed.
  3. A few possible dates and times that would work for your group and for PST.
  4. A place the group can gather to interact with Naomi via the computer.
  5. A computer set up that works with Skype or iChat at a high speed connection.
  6. A a technogeek who knows to run the program.
  7. A way to collect the funds in advance and pay with a single check before the event.

Once you have the answers to the above details , email your proposal by clicking here to send an email.

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