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Oliver Aldort

Cellist Oliver Aldort, born 1993, is MTNA state, regional and national winner (2007), SYAMF senior (14-19) concerto winner and medal receiver (2008), and a student of world renowned cellist, Lynn Harrell.

Aldort's performance of the Schumann cello concerto with the Skagit symphony last spring left the large crowd gasping and wanting more. Oliver has been a soloist with orchestras in WA, Mass, and BC. He has played Saint Saens, Hayden, and Schumann cello concertos and Mozart's two late piano concertos. He will be playing the Dvorak cello concerto with the Philharmonia Northwest orchestra in Seattle November (2008).

Aldort has appeared on KOMO TV, and was featured on national public radio in the program "From the Top" recorded live in Jordan Hall in Boston. He was also heard on CBC radio in Vancouver and has appeared as a chamber music player with Beethoven Duke trio, Schumann quartet in F major and more.

Oliver Aldort

"Oliver Aldort is, quite simply, the most gifted cello talent of my entire experience, the most advanced child I have ever heard of. More than that -- he is a mature musician."

- R.J. Davis, Former principal cellist of the Seattle symphony

Lennon Aldort

Lennon Aldort, born 1990, is a self-made pianist and composer whose first CD is now available on Amazon. Lennon grew up on Orcas Island, WA. He started playing the piano on his own at the age of three when he began playing by ear pieces by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Schumann. He began composing his first pieces for the piano at age seven, and had completed two symphonies by age thirteen. He conducted a movement of his own symphony at age fourteen.

Lennon Aldort’s musical education included violin lessons, playing in youth orchestras, composition lessons, and a few conducting and theory lessons. He studied in BC Canada at the Academy in Vancouver and at the Victoria Conservatory, and has also studied one semester in the New England Conservatory.

Currently Lennon is back on Orcas Island, and has just produced his first solo piano improvisation CD. He will be moving to Seattle by the end of 2008. Because he has an extremely well rounded background and education in music, he is available to be hired for a variety of music related composition, arranging and performing jobs. His main interest is in film composing and solo piano improvisation.

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Lennon Aldort

Yonatan Aldort, born 1986, is a student at The Evergreen State College, a liberal arts school in Olympia, Washington. He was raised without any formal education and got his GED at 18 with excellent test scores. His education at Evergreen is focused on writing, literature, and social studies. He is a self made writer who taught himself to read at age 6 and fell in love with writing at age 15. He has written numerous short stories and is currently working on a novel, as well as writing editorials for the student newspaper at Evergreen. He is pursuing a career in underground journalism, but eventually plans to support himself by selling novels and short stories.

Yonatan's other interests include backpacking, climbing, martial arts and traveling, to name a few. He has taken four years of Goju Ryu Karate and one year of Taekwondo. He enjoys the outdoors and has been on numerous hiking trips. He loves traveling, and thus far has traveled extensively throughout the United States, in addition to visiting Mexico, Canada, Israel, and Jordan.

Yonatan is currently finishing his sophomore year at Evergreen and plans to travel to South America next year as part of his education. He lives near Olympia with his girlfriend.

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